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Wenlock School is a new English language school with just native teachers. We want to be more than a school. We want to build an English community that our students and parents enjoy being part of.

We are conveniently based in Can Bou in front of Escola Edumar between Castelldefels beach and village. We provide small classes with a maximum of ten students and anyone from five years old and above can attend/come.  We would love it if you visit us to find out more about our English project but we also like to chat on whatsapp and email too. See you soon!


Please contact us to find out more about the classes we provide:

Kids (Exam preparation) / Teens (Exam preparation) / Adults (Exam preparation) / One-to-one classes (Exam preparation) / Conversation / Business



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Younger learners are at a more receptive age, so throughout each course we build their English basics block by block, providing a platform for future learning.  Lessons are full of fun repetition, songs and games.

Two important parts of our kids’ courses are the Cambridge exams and CLILL. CLILL means children learn about the world around them through English. Starting the Cambridge exams as young as possible means the parents and children can see progress course by course. Please ask at the school for more information.


At this stage, these learners normally want to express their views on their world, but maybe don’t have the language capabilities to do it, so classes are aimed at building their language knowledge so they feel comfortable expressing themselves. Our content is age related, so we focus more on social media and modern music to improve English. At the same time we continue up the Cambridge ladder, finishing each course with an appropriate Cambridge exam. Please ask at the school for more information.


Adult courses are more complicated, as each person might have different aims, needs or learning styles. We try to design each course based on the students’ requirements in that class, but all our adult courses provide an environment where the students feel comfortable to enjoy and be themselves, ask questions and develop their English knowledge as fast as possible.


Address: Carrer Saragossa 1-3, local 25. Can Bou, Castelldefels 08860

Timetable: Monday to Friday, 16h – 21h (or contact the school for an appointment)

Tom Hailey

696 17 40 40 WhatsApp, messages and phone calls

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Below you can leave a comment for the school, completely anonymously, with your ideas about what we are doing well and not so well, and how we could improve in the future. Your comments are greatly appreciated and help us to improve day by day!

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